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Thatcher Sunglasses by Warby Parker

Last night was a late one, and unfortunately today isn’t one of those Saturdays that we can just bum around and recover.  That being said, we have pulled ourselves together and are ready to face the day.  Other than a … Continue reading

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Signature Bowties by Buffalo and Company

Many times, you can tell a lot about someone by simply studying how they sign their name.  On the surface a signature may not seem like much, but upon further review you can tell if they were rushed or took … Continue reading

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Docksider Clutch by Lilly Pulitzer

Everyone knows that accessories are what truly bring an outfit together.  Sometimes you need a few, and other times one well chosen piece is all it takes to make a statement.  As men, our list of possible accessories is pretty … Continue reading

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Polo Shirt by Anchored Style

It’s the season of the polo shirt, and from the office to the classroom it is impossible to take more than a few steps without running in to someone who has one on. Polos are great because they’re comfortable in … Continue reading

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Timex Andros for J.Crew

A collaboration from two established companies is always something we take an interest in, especially when it comes from two companies that we have always liked.  While some collaborations can go south pretty quickly, we are yet to see one … Continue reading

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Striped V-neck Sweater by Lands End Canvas

Just like everyone else, we are sick of this heat.  We are sick of hearing about it, we are sick of writing about it, and we are sick of thinking about it every time we get ready to walk out … Continue reading

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Sailors Knot Dog Collar by Mascot

Well, we can officially say that the dog days of summer are upon us.  With temperatures in Annapolis over the century mark for the third day in a row, we are doing our best to keep cool this weekend.  Unfortunately … Continue reading

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