Wool Bowtie by Lands End Canvas

If you have read our previous bowtie Friday posts, you know that we have a soft spot for bows that are made of some “non-traditional” tie fabrics.  From seersucker and madras in the summer, to wools and tweeds for the cooler months, we are always looking for something just a bit different than the norm.  Luckily for us, a number of our favorite brands have realized just how good a bowtie can look in something other than silk.  Our latest love comes from the gang at Lands End Canvas.  Their Wool Bowtie ($59.50) is destined to be in heavy rotation this year.

With a herringbone pattern that will never be out of style, this wool blend tie is a bit thicker than many of the ties in our lineup, and tying it does feel a bit different.  That being said, if you wear bows frequently it should be no trouble at all. With a diamond point cut for a little something extra, this bow is adjustable in 1/4″ incriments and looks fantastic paired with more casual shirting options.  If you are looking for that perfect piece to add a little bit of extra texture and depth to a look, the Wool Bowtie from Lands End Canvas is it.

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