Classic Retro-X Jacket by Patagonia

For those weekend days when you are planning on keeping things simple with jeans and a t-shirt, but are still going to need something to keep you warm when you head out, a high quality fleece is they way to go.  Sure, there are a ton of options out there, but if we are using a fleece as our only only source of warmth we tend to go with offerings from companies that focus on gear that is made to stand up to harshest of elements.  This weekend, we are sticking with an old favorite, the Classic Retro-X Jacket ($199) by Patagonia.

Shown in Shamrock Green, and available in six additional colors, the Classic Retro-X is the first thing we think of whenever someone mentions Patagonia.  Made of thick polyester, the jacket features a contrasting nylon pocket on the chest, and a zippered handwarmer on each side.  What really helps set the Retro-X apart from other offerings on the market is it’s windproof membrane.  Any fleece can take the chill out of the air, but how often have you been left freezing when the wind picked up?  That won’t be an issue with this jacket.  From a chilly Fall tailgate, to a day running errands, this classic fleece will never be a bad choice.

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