Overdyed Oxfords by Gitman Vintage

From go to hell pants, to brightly colored bowties, many might consider our style of dress a bit “bold.”  Well, if that is what they want to call it, that is fine with us, things could definitely be far worse.  Of course, this time of year the color palette tends to calm down a bit, but we still work in plenty of bold options whenever we can.  One shirt that is certainly a bit more bold than the traditional pastel colored oxfords that we all love is the Overdyed Oxford ($165) by Gitman Vintage.

Made of a heavy oxford cloth known as Cambrdige Oxford, these shirts are identical in cut and feel to the traditional Gitman Vintage Oxfords.  That means they feature a trim fit that won’t leave you looking like you are about to set sail, but also won’t leave you feeling like you are wearing Under Armour instead of an Oxford.  What we absolutely love about the Overdyed shirts is the coloring.  Available in Toast, Brick Red, Olive, and Navy, the shirts are dyed twice to give them a rich deep look.  Who says earth tones can’t be bold?

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