Collegiate Shirts by Vineyard Vines

If you asked us to make a list of our favorite places to spend a Fall day, it is a safe bet that the campus of our Alma Mater would be at, or quite near, the top.  There is just something about a crisp day on campus that can’t be beat.  Recently, Vineyard Vines released a group of shirts that will fit in flawlessly on any campus this Fall.  The aptly named Collegiate Shirts ($89.50 – $98.50), look great whether you are still taking classes, or a few years removed.

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Wellesley Tunic by Port Winsor

One of the best parts about running a site like Bows & Boats is when up and coming brands reach out to us to introduce a new product or line.  Recently, a pair of ladies based in New England reached out to us with something we rarely see from new companies, tunics.  Sure, there are a ton of tunics on the market, but how many are coming from small companies and being made in the USA?  From what we can tell, not many, so we are happy to introduce you to Port Winsor and their Wellesley Tunic ($155).

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Chalk-Stripe Newbury Pant by Rugby

If you are a recent graduate, it can be quite the daunting task to build a professional wardrobe.  Sure, you probably have a suit or two hanging in the closet, but once you land that dream job and realize that jeans or chinos aren’t going to cut it every day (nor should they in a work environment in our opinion), you are going to have to upgrade.  If you are still a bit hesitant to branch out from brands you have come to love, take a look at some of their professional offerings.  For example, Rugby has a number of great options for the work place.  One of our favorites is the Chalk-Stripe Newbury Pant ($248).

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Peyton Heritage Belts by Kiel James Patrick

As much as we love summer fabrics like madras and seersucker, they both take a back seat to a fabric that has recently been unpacked in preparation for chilly temperatures, tweed.  In our opinion, there is not much better than a tweed jacket paired with a freshly pressed button down and a classic repp stripe tie.  While it isn’t quite cold enough to break out the tweed jacket yet, we are getting our fix of this classic combo via the recently released Peyton Heritage Belts ($112) by Kiel James Patrick.

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Boat Oxfords by Sperry Top-Sider

Earlier this week we attended the grand opening event for the Sperry Top-Sider store in Annapolis.  After a few opening statements from local politicians and Sperry brass, the ribbon was cut and all of the guests were welcomed into the store for an evening of food, drinks, and, of course, shopping.  After checking out the new store front and making a few new friends, it was time to head into the “boathouse” and try on some shoes.  One shoe that we very happy to finally get hands on with was the Boat Oxford ($80-90).

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BB#2 Stripe Bow Tie by Brooks Brothers

Pink is a key color in every preppy wardrobe.  Whether it is found on ties, oxfords, or even the occasional pair of pants, you can’t be afraid to rock the pink from time to time.  While many of our favorite pink items are part of our summer collection, they all make an appearance or two each October in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  That being said, we thought it was only fitting that the first bowtie Friday post of the month be dedicated to one of our all time favorite pink bows, the BB#2 Stripe Bow ($55) by Brooks Brothers.

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Zephyr Softshell Jacket by Atlantis WeatherGear

Today marks the start of an annual tradition here in Annapolis, the US Sailboat Show.  Each year, thousands of visitors from around the world converge on the town to check out the latest and greatest additions to the world of sailing.  From yacht builders to clothing brands, everyone who is somebody in this industry is in Annapolis this weekend.  Luckily for us, that means we can visit with representatives from a number of our favorite brands all in one place.  One booth we will certainly be stopping by belongs to our friends at Atlantis WeatherGear.  If you are looking for a fantastic mid weight jacket this fall, take a look at their Zephyr Softshell ($125).

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